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A one-stop center for all your staffing and recruitment needs. At IY Staffing, we offer a full-fledged human resource services including Executive Search, Permanent, Temporary and Contract Placements, Overseas Talent Acquisition and Work Pass Application Services. We are specialized in handling a diverse range of positions from rank and file to senior management across various industries.

Through our comprehensive suite of services, we can take care of all your staffing requirements, efficiently and cost-effectively.

In addition, IY Staffing also works closely with you to understand your working environment, company culture and business needs.

The combination of our experience, technology and human interaction allows us to source, vet and connect you with today’s most qualified candidates.

What We Are Expert At

Staffing Solutions

General Placement

Our team covers a wide spectrum of 18-industry specializations, which allow us to tap to various network and be able to seek suitable candidates for your company. With a meticulous approach, we are able to secure candidates with the right skill sets and experience best suited for clients with unique expectation.

Technology Staffing

With a strong team of experienced Associates, we are able to match-make talented IT professionals and Engineers in accordance to their relevant experience and skills to our Clients.

Temporary/ Contract Placement

With our large and growing database system, we can effectively help clients to get temporary/contract workforce for short-term projects or events to ensure their core business runs smoothly.

Business Process Outsourcing

Our team is the expert in providing Business Process Outsourcing Solutions to our business partners from a wide multitude of industries. Our main key areas of outsourcing services includes Logistics Support, Call Center Management, Customer Services, HR Services (such as payroll processing, recruitment, and training) and even IT Services.

Executive Search

Our team provides high-calibre and suitably qualified candidates to fill mid to senior executive positions through a very targeted, rigorous and methodical process that includes market mapping and headhunt­ing strategies to reach out to the specific talents who may be keen to explore new career opportunities, but too busy with work to apply for jobs.

Work Pass Application

The overall process for work pass application has been identified as a pain point for various companies when dealing with Expatriate and foreign manpower. With a dedicated team equipped with the vast knowledge accumulated over the years, we are here to ease the process for our clients by assisting with the necessary to obtain the approval required for the work pass application.

Group Medical Insurance

A group medical insurance plays a crucial part in the employee benefits plan. With rising medical costs, as an employer, you need a medical program that is cost effective to ensure your most valuable asset, your employees are protected. As such, we are partnering with the top Agencies from most of the insurers to customize the best group insurance policies and plans exclusively for your company.

Setting Up New Office

Besides providing total recruitment and staffing solutions, we also collaborate with industry leading Interior Design and Construction companies in assisting our clients to set up their new offices including searching for office units with strategic locations as well as completing high quality of renovation works.

General Placement

With IY Staffing, you will discover an efficient, trouble-free selection process. We take care of the whole recruitment process, right from the initial search, and you are only presented with the right talents.

Temporary/ Contract Placement

We know that sometimes you need the flexibility of a contract, long- or short-term resource or team to augment your regular staff, work on special projects or during times of peak needs without committing to permanent employment.

Our specialized temp and contracted staffing can find the right skills, experience and work engagement to meet your needs. You avoid employing more people than you actually need.


Business Process Outsourcing

Today’s economic environment requires companies to be fast-paced, agile and adaptive, in order to stay ahead in the rapid changing landscape. As such, IY Staffing aims to provide support for our business partners, so that you would have the benefit of focusing on your core processes and business development.

Our services mainly encompass solutions on staffing and HR management of the key labour-intensive areas such as warehouse logistics, call center, customer service and IT support.

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